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LATEST NEWS                                                                                             Whats been going on with myself ...

In the moment I be in touch with some musicians to set up new projects for the future and a lot jam sessions going on. New live performance for the year are planed but not confirmed. As soon as possible I will have further details you will see it on my homepage side.

MY BIOGRAPHY                                                                                           Things what you should know about me ...

I can say SIMON PHILLIPS, KENNY ARONOFF, ZORO and Bands like VAN ZANT, 38 SPECIAL, TOTO, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, JOHN MELLENCAMP gave myself the  greatest inspiration.

My first Band was formed in school 35 years ago and from this time my passion into drums has become one of the most important  things  in my life. Followed by several other bands, mostly cover bands,  many gigs in all different kinds of smaller and bigger locations. Currently Im playing with RED LAKE [ www.red-lake.de ] and ANNERCOVER [ www.annercover.de ] and I started studying professional drums at the Drummer Institude and  Modern Music School.

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